Litochoro Cooper Test 2021 - Technical notes

Info for participants

This is a set of information you should know before the start. Each participant received this info, plus his personal bib number and exact time of the start at e-mail address from registration. The same information are below.


  1. The first International Litochoro Cooper Test will be held on September 4, 2021 at the Litochoro Athletics Stadium.
    Beginning at 18.00. Issuing starting numbers from 17.30. Before collecting the starting number, you are required to signs a declaration that there are no health contraindications to participate in the running competition.
  2. Before collecting the starting numbers, you are required to present a certificate of vaccination against covid-19 or a negative covid test result (self-test, rapid or PCR).
  3. The competitors will be divided into four groups, depending on the declared time for 5 or 10 km. Each competitor will be assigned to the appropriate group and information about that will be send to the e-mail address provided in the application. Each group will start bravely, starting from the slowest to the fastest group, according to the following schedule:
    • 18.20 – Green Group
    • 18.50 – Blue Group
    • 19.20 – Red Group
    • 19.50 – Black Group
  4. Competition procedure. You start running on the starter’s signal. You run for 12 minutes. If you want to overtake another competitor, you do it on outside tracks. At the final signal, you stop, sit down in place and wait for the judges to measure your exact distance. Full laps of the stadium will be measured plus extra distance.
  5. Certificates with information about the distance you run will be available at the place of the competition within 20 minutes from the end of a given series of runs.
  6. The distribution of prizes for the best runners and the drawing of prizes among all participants will take place after the end of the last series of runs, around 20.15
  7. We encourage you to participate in the event from the very beginning and support others, it always helps a lot. However, if you can only participate in your own series, you should come early enough to pick up the bib number, sign the health declaration, show the vaccination certificate / test and do a warm-up (this is important).

That’s all 🙂 Good luck, Have  fun!The same