What distance can you run in 12 minutes? It depends of course on your physical condition, age and gender. At least in theory … because in practice it could be different. The Cooper Test is a great test of fitness, because over the years of its existence, detailed tables describing the degree of training have been developed. Below we present some examples, broken down by age groups, gender and descriptive terms of physical fitness. Of course, the easiest way is to run 12 minutes first and check what your distance says about training. However, also before taking the test, it is easy to find your age group and gender and check how many meters you need to run to define yourself as “Good”, “Excellent” or Beginner”. We wish you a lot of fun and a long distance during the test.

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AgeM/FExcellentGoodAverageBelow AverageBeginner
8M2190+ m1810-2180 m1420-1800 m1050-1410 m1040- m
F2010+ m1670-2000 m1320-1660 m990-1310 m980- m
9M2350+ m1950-2340 m1540-1940 m1130-1530 m1120- m
F2120+ m1770-2110 m1400-1760 m1050-1390 m1040- m
10M2460+ m2070-2450 m1670-2060 m1270-1660 m1260- m
F2200+ m1860-2190 m1500-1850 m1160-1490 m1150- m
11M2610+ m2200-2600 m1790-2190 m1390-1780 m1380- m
F2330+ m1980-2320 m1620-1970 m1270-1610 m1260- m
12M2690+ m2290-2680 m1880-2280 m1480-1870 m1470- m
F2370+ m2030-2360 m1670-2020 m1330-1660 m1320- m


AgeM/FExcellentGoodAverageBelow AverageBeginner
13-14M2700+ m2400-2700 m2200-2399 m2100-2199 m2100- m
F2000+ m1900-2000 m1600-1899 m1500-1599 m1500- m
15-16M2800+ m2500-2800 m2300-2499 m2200-2299 m2200- m
F2100+ m2000-2100 m1700-1999 m1600-1699 m1600- m
17-20M3000+ m2700-3000 m2500-2699 m2300-2499 m2300- m
F2300+ m2100-2300 m1800-2099 m1700-1799 m1700- m

AGE GROUP 21-50+

AgeM/FExcellentGoodAverageBelow AverageBeginner
20-29M2800+ m2400-2800 m2200-2399 m1600-2199 m1600- m
F2700+ m2200-2700 m1800-2199 m1500-1799 m1500- m
30-39M2700+ m2300-2700 m1900-2299 m1500-1899 m1500- m
F2500+ m2000-2500 m1700-1999 m1400-1699 m1400- m
40-49M2500+ m2100-2500 m1700-2099 m1400-1699 m1400- m
F2300+ m1900-2300 m1500-1899 m1200-1499 m1200- m
50+M2400+ m2000-2400 m1600-1999 m1300-1599 m1300- m
F2200+ m1700-2200 m1400-1699 m1100-1399 m1100- m

Experienced athletes

Male3700+ m3400-3700 m3100-3399 m2800-3099 m2800- m
Female3000+ m2700-3000 m2400-2699 m2100-2399 m2100- m

As a standard the test should to be performed under standard conditions:

  • Between 10 to 25°C with 75% maximum humidity.
  • On a standard 400 m. Tartan track or similar.
  • The candidate should not suffer from respiratory problems.