September 4, 2021,
Litochoro Athletics Stadium

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Welcome to 1st International Litochoro Cooper Test. Olympus is famous for its many mountain running events (Olympus Mythical Trail, Olympus Marathon, Faethon Olympus Marathon, many others) . However, Litochoro also has an amazing athletics stadium. Located right next to the Enipeas Gorge, with a beautiful view of both the mountains and the sea. This is where a group of local enthusiasts (although coming from different countries) will organize this extraordinary event.


The rules are very simple. Competitors have to run on stadium for 12 minutes. The distance traveled in this time shows the level of fitness of the runner. Simple rules make Cooper Test a great competition for every one! Both for beginners and advanced runners. It is also a great tool for checking the results of your training as the organizers plan to hold competitions twice a year, in spring and autumn. Participants will be divided into groups according to running capabilities, so that everyone competes with runners at a similar level. Special setting is planning, there will be live music, lights, hot atmosphere and a lot of interesting prizes.


The competition will be free for participants, also the organizers work at the event on a voluntary basis. Nevertheless, during the competition, a voluntary donation box will be displayed at the stadium. It is about implementing a simple principle: if you like our event, put a penny in the box intended for the organization of the next edition.


The event is intended as an element of integration of the local community of physically active people and people practicing various sports. Therefore, the organizers invite a large number of local companies and organizations to cooperate. The event is local in character, but guests from all over Greece are welcome. The Cooper Test in Litochoro can be an interesting element of a weekend trip to Olympus. In the morning an extraordinary hiking to the Muses Plateau, in the evening a competition at the stadium – it looks like a great plan for the beginning of September.